Anal fistula in simple words is a tube or a tract lined by granulation tissue extending from the Anal canal to the skin around the anal opening.

Pilonidal sinus disease can be cured now by novel minimally invasive Painless LASER procedure under local anesthesia.

Spider Veins or Telangiectasia are prominent red colored thread like veins appearing commonly in the skin of legs as well as on the face and other parts of the body.

Pilonidal sinus or hair cyst in the lower back is a chronic debilitating condition leading to repeated infection and foul smelling discharge from the sinuses or pits .Als

Hemorrhoids cause great deal of discomfort and per rectal bleeding leading to Anemia.

Haemorrhoids or Piles cause a great deal of anal discomfort and passage of fresh blood via stools leading to blood loss anaemia.

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